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yo ko - Knockout.js project generator with yeoman


How to generate a starting point for a Knockout.js application with a command line tool ?

1) Install yeoman ko

   npm install -g yo
   npm install -g generator-ko

change user (don't be root => a non-root user is necessary to run yeoman)

  su otheruser
  yo ko

2) Install optional dependencies

    bower install bootstrap-sass --allow-root
    bower install bootstrap-multiselect --allow-root
    bower install kendo-ui-core --allow-root
    cd src/bower_modules/kendo-ui/src 
    grunt custom:datepicker,data,combobox,timepicker
    bower install amplify --allow-root
    bower install underscore --allow-root
    bower install knockout-validation --allow-root
    bower install knockout-mapping --allow-root
    bower install underscore.string --allow-root
    bower install jquery-ui --allow-root
    bower install domReady --allow-root
    bower install moment --allow-root
    bower install jquery.cookie --allow-root
    bower install fuelux --allow-root
    bower install knockout-kendo --allow-root

3) Install gulp + some other useful libraries

   npm install gulp-ruby-sass
   npm install gulp-sourcemaps
   npm install gulp-order
   npm install run-sequence
   npm install gulp-util